Peter Hope Lake

10 12 2006

Peter hope lake is located just off hwy 5a just before the south end of Stump lake. This lake is 116 hectares and at 3550 ft in elevation. There is a fairly large forestry campsite on the north side of the lake closer to the west end. This lake can get quit bust so if you are planning to stay the weekend get there early, and even earlier on long weekends. The lake use to be a great place to take family and have a nice semi rustic camping experiance, but in the last few years development on the south shore has made the lake busy and not quite as peaceful. If i can i try to camp at litte peterhope lake, which is conected to big peterhope buy a shallow channel. The channel between the 2 lakes is usually passible with a cartop boat but can dry up during the summer. Fishing at peterhope has declined in the past few years due to the development but can still be quite productive. One thing about this lake is that it does take some time to learn what works on it,the fish can be very pickey and you could have a hard time getting any. There are BIG fish in the lake if you can locate then(up to 12 pounds). There are large marle(sp?) shoals all over the lake and both east and west ends have large weed beds. There is a large sunken island in the middle of the lake that comes up to 8-10ft in depth and the entire west end of the lake is one huge marle shoal. The lake has one very deep hole just off the campground that is close to 100′ deep.I have found that the western end of the lake near the weeds is very productive in the morning and the east end is more productive in the evening. For people that would like to troll try the south side of the lake starting at the western most cabin and trolling east to the large bay that leads to littlte peterhope. The bay at the channel entrance is another great place to do some casting, i have had good fishing in this bay at night(6pm-1am) using sedges in the second week of july. Other good flies at this lake are 1\2 backs,leeches,52 Buicks,chronies,and in mid-late september Boatmen.
Good luck to all who fish this lake as it can be moody, but if the fish are on it is one of the better lakes of the interior.

NEXT: More begginer flyfishing tips.

Wishing you tight lines and tons of fish.




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