Link Lake (BC) Fishing Report

21 05 2007

I went to the Osprey lake area for a bit of relaxation with the wife. We stayed at a GREAT B&B called the Jellico station. I would Highly recommend this B&B to all, Les & Darlene were very friendly and the food was beyond great.

I decided to try to fish Osprey lake on the Saturday and took off at around 9am from the B&B at Chain lake. Once I got to Osprey I decided that this would not be the place to fish because there was one hell of a wind. I went to link and found that this lake was much more protected so I pumped up the tube got the rods ready and hit the water.

Once I got to the spot that I wanted to drop anchor and throw a few chironomids, I realized that I had left the anchor at home. I also realized that since I took the car and left the truck at home, I had no rope to even Bulls**t up a anchor. I tried to cast a few chronies without the use of an anchor but as soon as I started to cast the wind kicked up. banghead.gif

This really got me since the Chironomids were really coming off and I knew that this is what the fish were after.
I changed my setup to a sinking line and decided to kick around the lake a little and see what I could come up with.I kicked for about 1 hour and landed 2 smaller (14″) Rainbows. This was not working so I decided to change my setup back to a floating line and a Chironomid. I figured that since I could not anchor I would try a dead drift with the wind at my back and slowing my drift with the odd kick, this helped keep the line tight.

This was the first time I had tried this and holy crap did it work, In the next 2 hours I landed 8 fish, all between 16-18″. This was fun and I will try this again in the future. thumbup.gif

I ended up leaving the lake at around 2:30 PM because the wind had got to the point that the waves started breaking over the back of my tube. mad.gif

All in all not a bad little lake, except for the a holes that were camping there. The campsite was totally overloaded with young people partying and being totally reckless on their motorbikes and ATV’s. thumbdown.gif





One response

24 05 2007
Othmar Vohringer

I enjoyed reading your report. Was that trip over the long weekend while we here in the Fazer Valley had three days of rain?
By the way I’m tagging you for a meme. Check it out at Outdoors with Othmar Vohringer

-Othmar Vohringer-

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